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Tankard's Best From The 80s - 95%

Warpig, June 23rd, 2009

Tankard's sophomore effort from 1987 is usually considered their masterpiece and one of the defining German Thrash albums from the 80s. It also established them as one of the "Big 4" of the German Thrash wave, yet they have always remained some kind of the "little brothers" of the other three: Kreator, Sodom and Destruction.

Of all the German Thrash bands Tankard were probably closest to the Hardcore/Thrash Crossover scene and (hence) the most fun. First of all they had a certain Punk influence ("Puke", "Alcohol") and a generally broader stylistic openness (see the title track or the instrumental "For A Thousand Beers", which is quite reminiscent of 1984-1991 era Metallica). On the other hand their lyrics were mostly about drinking, beer and alcohol while all the other bands tried to come across as serious as they could.

Apart from "Tantrum" (funny lyrics) "Chemical Invasion" only includes great songs ("Farewell To A Slut", the 8 minute long "Traitor") or even (extremely catchy) all-time classics like the fantastic thrashers "Total Addiction" and "Don't Panic", the 55-second-Thrashcore masterpiece "Puke" or the diverse title track (a worthy successor to THE Tankard anthem "(Empty) Tankard").

Last but not least I have to mention the brilliant Gang Green cover "Alcohol", because this song started Tankard's history of producing a few of the best cover versions ever. (I really have to thank these guys, because as a result of this cover I became aware of Gang Green and soon thereafter a huge fan and the same would happen one year later because of Tankard's cover of the Spermbirds classic "Try Again".)

On "Chemical Invasion" Tankard found their perfect balance of heaviness, catchiness and a stylistic diversity that made them one of the most unique Thrash bands in the world.