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Arerutkual - 40%

Spatupon, April 6th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Independent (Limited edition)

Tanatos Mundi is a raw black metal band originally based in Honduras, that recently moved to Memphis, Tennessee in the United States. This one-man band has been around for almost a decade now and has put out three short releases in general. When it comes to Latin America, you usually can't go wrong when it comes to black metal since it has a reputation for being home to hundreds of really good extreme metal bands. Unfortunately, however, just like every other region in the world, you will come across some really terrible music that will leave you annoyed at yourself for having wasted precious time from your life in order to listen to.

"Arerutkual" is a twelve-minute extended-play that contains four songs in total, with the first song serving as a very annoying intro which doesn't say much or goes anywhere. The second song kicks in and at first I thought it was going to be another pointless ambient track, but boy was I wrong. The song instantly turns into a very badly produced bestial black metal track going at full velocity at butchering your ear. The drums sound so damn annoying I get instantly put off by the release in general. The guitar work is mostly limited to your average second-wave rip-off riff that anybody could come up with after listening to a couple of darkthrone songs. Apart from being really generic, the songs are also pretty repetitive. None of the songs on this album contain more than three riffs each and then again, they sound so similar to each other you'd have a hard-time figuring out which track is which. The vocal work is quite competent and sounds really diabolical.

As I always love to point out, black metal and just heavy metal in general has become so oversaturated to the point where if you find yourself hitting a string of constant bad releases you might get put off from this music genre completely. Being so desensitized and a glutton for personal punishment, I always find myself coming across releases such as this one. To be quite honest, this release is not as bad as some total crap I've listened to throughout my lengthy career as a devout metal fan, but it definitely becomes irksome if you spend too much time trying to analyze the music overall. Remember the pointless ambient intro? Yeah, that track has its counterpart at the end of the extended play. The outro is basically a few seconds of the singer howling in agony over a morose piano loop which doesn't sound half-bad in reality.

Overall, "Arerutkual" is a sub-par venture into the world of bedroom produced black metal. It is nothing really special to talk about, and it wouldn't even make for good material for a joke about a bad black metal band. In general, this release feels flat and immature.