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Decent Heavy Metal - 73%

Human666, October 4th, 2011

'Takayoshi Ohmura' is a nice fellow from Japan giving us this quite unknown yet solid album. He sure got some guitar skills to show and he doesn't miss any chance to do so. There are some highly complex guitar leads here that are being executed fairly well and accurate. Despite this, I can't say I liked the guitar tone in this album. It sounds kinda dry and the middle frequencies are a bit loud for me. With a better equalization and maybe a different mix it could have sounded more proper. The drums tone is horrible. The volume get clips sometimes due to the loudness of the cymbals, kinda amateurish mastering process in my opinion.

I don't know who the vocalist is in track 3 ('When I Close My Eyes'), but he has a powerful timbre and reminds me of the hair gods from the 80's. This track is in my opinion the best here: it has a catchy opening riff and exciting chorus in the vein of all these old forgotten American AOR bands plus quite amazing guitar solo that proves that 'Takayoshi Ohmura' got not only an amazing technique but also quite good melodic sense.

Unlike many shred guitarists, Ohmura doesn't tries to steal the show. All the songs here are vocal oriented and sounds like a band effort with a blazing lead guitar player. Songs like 'Stay Away' or 'Tell Me Why' could have been great hits in the 80's with these fancy video clips in VH1, but they came out in 2007 instead.

Anyway, this is an easy listening album with good melodic material and nice guitar skills. With a better production and maybe more massive touring, I'm sure that 'Takayoshi Ohmura' can be a household name even outside of Japan.