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Not bad At The Gates wannabe - 70%

kaotoxin, June 29th, 2009

Of all the so-called "new wave" of Swedish "death" metal bands that emerged from Gothenburg and its area upon the underground success of At The Gates with its two first albums and, then, the true success of this band with the great "Slaughter of the soul", let's face it, most of them were just crappy Heavy Metal shit with screamed vocals and nothing "new" or "new wave" to offer and, even worse, nothing "death metal" at all...

That was the case with most of the renewed bands of that genre, including Dark Tranquillity and In Flames, that are decent Heavy Metal bands (nothing more, nothing less) but have nothing to do with a Death Metal one. But that was not the case with Taetre which, despite some cheesy "pseudo-melodic / really-boring" moments like the middle part of "Prince of many faces" had come, all in all, with a really decent AND agressive Death Metal album à la At The Gates with never trying to rip the masters off (even if the riffing is quite similar, it's never ripped-off), trying, at the contrary, to develop things were At The Gates left them, such as all the Carcass wanna-be of the late nineties (Exhumed, Impaled, Aborted and zillions more) finaly managed (for the most interesting of them) to get rid of their Carcass ripping off to bring some fresh blood into a quite "distinctive" sub-sub-genre of their own.

So, sure Taetre went the wrong time with the wrong style on some wrong label, but, what one Hell of an album is this one! Believe me, I HATE New Wave of Swedish Death Metal, but I really do like that Taetre debut!

I can remember having received my promo copy -I had a label and a zine at that time- and having put the CD on the "painful to review" stack of the shelve upon reading the release's info sheet by the simple fact they were coming from Gothenburg. Some weeks after the album release, I finaly ran out of material to review and finaly instrted the plate in the CD player. The intro, while of no real interest, got me in within a matter of seconds.

Fast, always aggressive and / or dark, even in the most melodic moments, well produced, intense, sometimes reminding the almighty Dissection is their more melodic moments (like on "When winter came"), Taetre really managed to firmly plant its hook in me with this catchy album that should always be cited when trying to pick up a really decent New Wave of Swedish Death Metal release... because it's one of the few that label really can be put on with no shame: New... Death...

Great stuff.