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An album wich most has never even heard of... - 95%

Bifrost_, April 13th, 2007

...but i can assure you, it´s definitly worth a shot.

Taetre. That name doesn´t really ring a bell for many people, wich is indeed a shame. "The Art" is their first and by far their best album. It´s got a raw yet melodic sound and Lindblood´s vocals are pretty impressive and doesn´t really sound like anything I´ve heard before.

"The Art" differs a lot from the other albums by Taetre since they changed their style throughout the albums. "Out of Emotional Disorder" has more of a melodic death metal-sound and "Divine Misanthropic Madness" sounds like a combination of modern thrash and old-school death metal. The Art on the other hand is a pure black metal-album. It´s kind of hard to see where they get inspiration from but on some points on the album you can find some Dissection and Dismember inspired riffing. Most obvious would be the track "When Winter Came" wich, with some changes in the production, could just as easily have been on Dissection´s "The Somberlain".

The album starts out with a powerful intro and then plunges straight into "My Lament" wich is the most powerful track on the album and along with "Lifeplague" and "The Labyrinth of the Mind" differs lyricwise from the rest of the songs wich are mostly about horrorstories. For example "Prince of Many Faces" wich is about the legendary Vlad Tepes aka Count Dracula aka a lot of other names.

The only thing that bothers me with this album is the drumming. Graveyard is indeed a talented drummer but the sound of it is so fucking thin. Sometimes it actually sounds like if he´s just tapping on his knees. Other than that this is a great album and it´s a real shame that it´s not a success. Try it, you´ll like it!

Highlights: "My Lament", "Prince of Many Faces", "The Art", "Lifeplauge" and "The Halls Have Eyes".