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Worthy of praise and an instant CLASSIC! - 99%

ozzeh, May 1st, 2008

Tad Morose features a lot of bad-ass qualities. They're not really power metal, but more classic, speed metal if anything. Their influences range far and wide but they have a streamlined sound which would certainly appeal to anybody who's a fan of older Mercyful Fate or Judas Priest (and if you're not a fan of either, get the fuck out of my review).

Basically, they're a bad-ass heavy metal band who differentiates themselves through awesomeness and quality. By awesomeness, I mean mind-fuckingly intense dual-guitar riffs and insanely competent musicians in every department including heart-wrenching vocals of the non-gay type.

This is from Sweden so you can expect GREAT things... Swedish musicians are simply superior to everyone. Something must be in the water, because Tad Morose certainly crush skulls on a wide-spread level; while it's somewhat accessible to the masses: this release will satisfy every metal-head throughout the world through its' sincerity and heart-felt dedication.

While I prefer brutal death metal vocals accentuated with brutal death metal music, Tad Morose certainly destroy every other clean-sung metal band in recent memory. Power metal fuckin' sux (minus older-style Evergrey) but Tad Morose manages to destroy preconceptions by sheer musical prowess. This will stick to you like peanut-butter on the brain (ala Alice in Chains s/t).

Heaviness overtakes harmony and the end result is pure brilliance: the drumming, vocals, guitar playing, lyrics, and every other element of a classic heavy fucking metal album are present in spades throughout this motherfucker of an LP. This is up to par with Jag Panzer's "Ample Destruction", and it probably exceeds that relatively obscure gem on every level. Worship this new-wave classic metal masterpiece.