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One word: wow. - 94%

heavymetalvixen, April 26th, 2004

Yet another great album by Tad Morose. I love the way they mix power and thrash metal. In fact, this album (as well as their previous ones) is basically thrash metal with power metal vocals. I have nothing negative to say about this album; I think it's quite epic in all aspects. Urban Breed's vocals are fucking POWERFUL and add a ton of atmosphere and emotion to every song. The way he holds every note so perfectly just astounds me. Peter Moren does alot of great double bassing and assists the guitars with adding the thrash element to the music; I like how the bassist mimicks him throughout most of the album. There are also quite a few evil and eerie sounding riffs pulled off by the guitarists on this album. There ain't one pussy song on this entire thing. What are you waiting for? Go pick this baby up and BANG YOUR FUCKIN' HEAD!

Best Tracks: Anubis, Afraid To Die, Take On The World, and When The Spirit Rules The World.