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A masterpiece! - 95%

Nightrunner, April 27th, 2008

Tad Morose is and has been - since their album “A Mended Rhyme” - one of the best heavy/power metal bands in the recent decade. Since mentioned album they have only done better albums for each time. “Undead” was better and showed a heavier direction, and then came the even greater “Matters Of The Dark”. In 2003 they released this one, Modus Vivendi, which is a album really damn close to perfection. This must surely be remembered as a true classic within the genre when people look back at it years forward in time.

What Tad Morose achieved and succeeded with this album is very rare within the genre they are categorized as. And maybe any genre at all. To create a very consistent album, write absolute fantastic melodies without sounding like a pop band, having an own identity and not sounding like a copy of others, having a phenomenal vocalist and last thing on top having music that rocks your brains out. When all these things, among others too, is combined you get such a fantastic album as this. From the heavy starter “Anubis” to the rocking ender “When The Spirit Rules The World” we’re taken on a much variated musical journey which shows creativity to the max and metal magic. Slower, heavier parts, faster almost thrashy parts, all is a piece of cake for Tad Morose on here and vocalist Urban Breed sounds immortal. He really has a powerful voice and can sing with much variation, and often give you goosebumps with his great screams and voice-adds. For example, his final touches at the end of “Anubis” fits very well and the ending “no, no, no, nooo” screams on “Mother Shipton’s Words” are in world class. Not many power metal vocalists these days could’ve fired off those screams as good I can tell you. Instrumentally, it’s just as great. The other guys in the band sounds tight, and especially Peter Morén does a neat job on the drums playing with much finesse and cool stuff. The production is also great, heavy and groovy sound and Urban’s vocals lies perfect in the mix.

Sadly, Urban Breed left the band before Tad Morose made any new album after this. They haven’t released one for five years now. A shame! They should’ve kept the fire burning and come up with a great follow-up to this one. I think they could’ve done it. But now we still have 4 awesome Tad Morose-albums with Urban on vocals and you will miss something if you do not check them up, and especially “Modus Vivendi”. So of course, this is something that you can buy directly, and with safety. It’s a must if you like heavy metal with touch of the 80’s and for people looking for some great headbangable metal with great melodies. Fans of early Savatage and Metal Church will absolutely dig this.

So a definite masterpiece yes, and then of course also one of the best albums released after the millennium. A modern classic already.