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Underrated with a big fucking U! - 94%

Demon_of_the_Fall, March 25th, 2004

Until recently I've never considered myself to be a big Tad Morose fan, and I had only heard bits and peices of Matters of the Dark and thought it was rad. I picked Modus Vivendi up without knowing how good or bad it would be, so i really took a chance with this and i'm sure glad I did. Modus Vivendi is a testament to what real metal should sound like. Right from the get-go we are set asunder with a ancient egyptian sounding track titled "Anubis" who if you didn't know is the god of the dead. Next up is NO MERCY, which hints classic metal with the likes of Metal Church, or perhaps Iced Earth at times. It's groovy, catchy and sticks in your head just like the memory of the first time you got a gummer. Afraid to Die is by far the standout track on the disc and is by far my fave TM song of all time. Modus Vivendi has so much atmousphere with class, and Urban Breed pours all of his emotions into every word he sings. He is definatly a contender for having some of the best pipes in metal these days....simply outstanding *hand claps*. All of the tracks on MV are well worth a mention...oh and did i mention that the production is thick and clear...very killer tapestry! This line-up for Tad Morose has had the same members since Undead. The bonus tracks "Rainbow Demon", "Knowing me, Knowing You" , and "losing more than you ever had" are covered so professionally its hard to tell which is better the original or the cover. Basically this album would be enjoyed by any fan of Power Metal or Metal in general. I think this is their greatest record to date and I hope they evolve even more on their next offering. Check this shant dissapoint!

Best Tracks: Anubis, No Mercy, Afraid to Die, Cyberdome, Take on the World, Life in a Lonely Grave, Rainbow Demon