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Morus Vivendi - 90%

CrystalMountain, January 7th, 2009

Tad Morose are interesting to me, they play a crushingly heavy type of power metal, heavy not only because of the fast riffs but also from a very bass heavy production. Most of the songs on this album are mid tempo, but all songs are played with authority, lots of tempo changes and a multitude of riffs per song. Like most power metal bands, they have a very tight sound, all members perform their jobs admirably. The guitars are tight and often technical, some of the solos are very well done, especially the one on "Mother Shiptons Words." The bass pounds loud and hard, and like-wise with the drums. Their vocalist is perfect for this type of music. His voice isn't too smooth, nor too gruff. He has a strong mid-range tone, and a bit of a rough edge that fits this heavy type of music perfectly.

There really are no weak songs on here, no filler, no unnecessary ballads or intro tracks. The album starts off with a great opener in "Anubis" which pretty much sets the pace for the rest of the album. Tight, fast riffs, pounding bass, lots of cymbal clashes, etc. "Afraid to Die" is a kick ass speed metal tune, it sounds like a really heavy Primal Fear song. Their vocalist shows a bit of range in this song, going into sort of a Painkiller type scream at times. Excellent pre-chorus that builds to an epic sounding chorus, maybe the best song on the album. "Take on the World" is another crushingly heavy song, similar to Anubis. Lots of quick changes, tons of riffs and leads and a great solo.

"Mother Shiptons Words" is speed metal, the vocals are done with conviction. The chorus is a little akward, mainly due to the fact that "mother shiptons words" is just an akward thing to say. But the solo in this one is jaw dropping, skip to 2:50 and check it out. There's also a moment of pure thrash at the very end of the song, good stuff. "Unwelcome Guest" is yet another crushingly heavy song, obviously it's about ghosts, and it does a good job of creating a feeling of paranoia with the wild guitar parts and frantic vocals. Another kick ass solo as well.

It's really hard to pick a best or worst song, all of them are quality. I'm not a big fan of "Life in a Lonely Grave" it's the slowest song on the album, and just plods along, doesn't do much for me, I also find "When the Spirit Rules the World" to be really bland. Those are the only two songs out of 10 I don't care for. But these guys created one hell of an album here, when I started this review I was thinking maybe 80% but after listening to it all the way through for their first time in a while I'll bump that up to a 90 because this is some high quality shit here.