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Taake this split back to the shop.. - 45%

Dedsox, September 20th, 2006

Taake caught my eye because they looked somehow different from other Norwegian black metal bands. From first glance I thought I was right.
The opening song 'Der Todesking' is a guitar based song with no vocals or drumming. It gives off a very depressive (yet good) mood and briefly resembles Burzum's 'The Crying Orc' only better.

The second song, Tykjes Fele, however, does not match the quality of the opening track. It sounds like a home-recorded black metal song that has had no thought put into it whatsoever, boring drums too.

Third song, Marerittet, and the intro is sounding promising. Simple yet brilliant guitar work is delivered perfectly in this song. Bad news is the song is over before it begins coming to just under 2 minutes long (1:51).
Omfavnet Av Svarte Vinger, the fourth song, is a seemingly very mediocre song where the guitar riff is drowned out by the horrbile, repetitive drumming. The only thing that redeems this song is the vocal work. It's strong, yet raspy and gives a creepy, eire feel to the song. This song, however does build up to become slightly better. The guitar riffs, which can be heard well from time to time, are impressive. Not much improvement or advancement in the drumwork though. The final song Trolldom is yet another mediocre track which didn't really catch my eye at all.

In conclusion, I feel this album has some good aspects about it. They don't sound like every other Norwegian bm band and they have some memorable guitar moments. Aside from that, I can't really see the hype surrounding this band. Nothing groundbreaking - I wouldn't really advise the purchase of this album unless you are a serious Taake fan.

Standout tracks: Der Todesking and Tykjes Fele