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Very good! - 95%

toren, October 27th, 2004

Taake is one of those bands which often stay unmentioned when somebody speaks about greatest black metal bands - for me unfairly. I realised it from the very first listening od that cd. You can call it new wave of black metal, whatever, but Taake will always have its own style. For some this music can be a bit similar to Satyricon's "Nemesis Divina" - I can't negate it for some melodies on this album really remind be Satyr's band. But still this material is something new although of course inspired by something. The album is divided into seven parts all untitled. The rest is also a kind of enigmatic - lyrics written in runes - all in norwegian. My song favourites are: Part I, Part VI and great instrumental Part VII. How does it sound in general? Good guitar playing, brutal drumming, vocals both growl and sometimes clean and some piano parts - sometimes they all together create really great melodies. Songs aren't simple, but you'll love this album after the first listening. I can recommend it to every fan of black metal.