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Great Norwegian Black Art.... - 100%

The_Dark_BATTLEFIELD, May 22nd, 2004

Taake returns in 2002 with another very impressive brutal/raw black metal release. Not much has changed for Taake though. We still have the brilliant guitar playing; grim vocals, brutal drumming, some clean vocals, and the songs are broke up into 7 parts. There are a few minor changes though. The band is now actually a full band with 4 members, there's some brief piano/mouth harp use, and although I never would have expected it the band has improved upon their amazing debut album! Bjoergvin is actually the old word for Bergen (city in Norway), and the lyrics are wrote in the old Norwegian language so most likely not many of us are going to understand these lyrics. Screw the lyrics the music speaks for it self on this release perfectly.

As already mentioned the band is now a full band of 4 dark souls. Høst provides the Vocals and Guitars, C. Corax handles the Guitars, Keridwen does Bass, and Mutt pounds the hell out of the skins. Frostein TUNDRA Arctander seems to have left the band for this release so I'm not sure who is doing the clean vocals here. The band also uses some brief piano/mouth harp use on this album. The piano is limited to just a few seconds on the first track and for a little while on Part VI. The mouth harp only appears for a short while on Part III.

It's hard to believe, but its true the band has toped their excellent debut album. Making the band consist of 4 people seems to have certainly paid off. The guitar playing is amazing, the drums more brutal, and just about everything is an improvement over the debut. Which is a great feet to reach since that was quite the masterpiece. Next Taake needs to get the respect the very much deserve. Whether or not it will happen I guess will just have to wait and see. In the mean time go pick up this colossal piece of Norwegian black metal!

Hail the true pagan warrior!!!...