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True NWBM - 90%

Danthrax_Nasty, May 4th, 2004

There are many, many aspects of this band in relation to there sound, style, and instrumentation utilized, but all in all greatness can be found here. From the very first speed picked riffs, which just shows you straight off that you are in for some real, strongly creative, and highly enjoyable, metal. Lots of fairly technical, very original riffs that spew out True Norwegian Black Metal better than most other shit you might pick up, and greater than almost 80% of the bands today. I really cant explain how much I dig this shit, but just know I am not easily amused by wankery. Also as a side note, I thought the cover was pretty cool, and some what original as far as personal pictures go for covers (obviously Darkthrone own here, and obviously countless bands have done this to death).

The vocals:
Mostly maintaining a blackend, more so towards the higher pitched range, for the lead parts, but also has a few clean parts (not many at all, and where they are they are fairly short), and deeper lines for the back up parts. A good mix also helps contribute to the full feel of all vocal lines on here. Also a noteable mention is the vocal patterns which fit the music quite well. I have no clue as to what the lyrics speak of (there all in ruins in the booklet, as are all song titles), but I'll give em the benefit of the doubt its good since every other aspect of this album sounds good to me. A quick sum up,...they rule, and fit the music perfectly.

The guitars:
Well first off, they are the reason you should own this. Well done leads, and rythms are merely the fore front of how much this owns you. Of the variety of styles meshed on here I seem to pick out a definite progressive thrashy black metal vibe (similiar in some ways to Dissection (especially a part in the 6th song), but a fair league away from there sound) that seems constant through the majority of this release. The vocals fit the riffs very well as previously stated. There are some odd parts behind the riffs in a few areas, like the 3rd song which has an odd "boing"(best possible description) noise put to the rythm (which I have heard in some blue grass but very little metal). There are many little parts where the bass may shine (like a part in the 5th song), or clean guitar may be used, and overall help keep you entertained by this monumental opus. I also hear a similiarities in some riffs to Obtained Eslavement (which also attempt in parts to be quite technical in delivery). One may call the guitar work here avantgarde without sounding totally retarded. The clean work can be sumed up as well written pieces that fit perfectly where they are placed, since they are mostly short and used as trasitions in most ways.

The drums:
Well fucking done period. Many interesting beats, instead of just straight blasting which is also done, but not to death, and well performed, and tight accents. This album has Mutt on battery, and this is yet another aspect that is highly impressing.

Overall impression:
Killer. I was quite pleased with this album, and would recommend it. This is one of those albums that truely capture a tight Black Metal sound. Not exactly typical under ground metal, this album displays a need for great melodies, and well arranged guitar parts. In short,... impressive.