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Nattestid Ser Porten Vid....Deeper into thick fog - 99%

The_Dark_BATTLEFIELD, May 22nd, 2004

After some time with degeneration in the BlackMetal genre, now there must come new hope, new bands and a new genre (the BlackMetal must reform finding the roots again). Any band up to the task? When "evolving" bands like Satyricon, Emperor and Dimmu Borgir want to try out "new ways", someone will feel the loss as I've felt it and create something genuin to fill out that void in one's heart. Taake is the name.

A mighty release with 7 tracks filled with absolute resigned non-aggressive blackness, Nattestid is cold to the touch and yet fragile at the same time. The Darkthrone-legacy lies inherited within the haunting rhythms; the far-off distant whisperings of Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse make themselves reminded. Taake is with Nattestid a genuin piece of BlackMetal without carrying the obvious "evil" within itself (superficially & unofficially speaking!).

The key to higher praise (and grades) lies not within the atmosphere, nor its appearance nor performance - in the spectrum of spectacular songs entwined into one and another, the theoretical loss is that none of the songs differ from the rest as I'd hoped for. Sometimes an album needs a major performance to wake interest, especially when it comes to mainstream listeners. Nattestid has no real "killer", though for my sake it's nothing of serious importance.

I have trouble to see how Taake can fail to be one of the best performers within the today wide scene of BlackMetal. If they stay true to this fresh history-reflecting album, and manage another, I'd place much trust and vow it to be destined to be a masterpiece. Let Nattestid enlighten you. A superb first album!

Hail the true pagan warrior!!!...