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Night Madrigal - 97%

Machinebreath, May 23rd, 2006

If I am not mistaken Taake is the Norsk word for “fog”. I could label their music as Black Metal, however, if one would open the inlay card this album, lo and behold before his eyes, every page is inscribed with runes. According to Høst (the founder of this band) in an interview, Taake’s 3 albums pertain to death, Norway & the Devil in man. Music wise I could classify them more as Viking Metal than Black Metal. Although I do not speak Norsk fluently, listening to this album is like taking a visionary trek through the cold forest of Norway marching along side with the spirits of the armor clad Norse warriors of yore. Taake can combine grace and brutality with ease, the music possesses complex tempo shifting brilliantly preformed. Their blending of Black Metal chords with Viking chats and the melody Scandinavian Folk music reminds me more of the elements of early Borknagar’s Viking Metal songs than Emperor’s Symphonic Black Metal or the necro style of Darkthrone for that matter. With current state of the Black/Viking Metal scene saturated with insignificant copycat bands, Taake is one of the few that stands out, I recommend you to patronize them lest you die by the sword.