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One of Norway's Finest - 100%

Hegg_The_Norsk, December 9th, 2007

I first came into contact with this band awile back hearing only a couple tracks, after that I had to buy the albums of which I sampled.

Here we have the Nattestid Ser Porten Vid album which is my personal favorite album of all time. This music gives me a feeling like no other, a sence of pride being from Norway.

Now, the music is very well crafted, that is most certain. The guitars, oh boy, the guitars; Hoest manages to craft some of the most well put together riffs I've ever heard. For example on the song Nattestid IV the guitars are so fucking majestic. I could play that song all day and still get the rise I get from it each time. The guitars are a key instrument in Nattestid Ser Porten Vid because they are the essence of the songs, they give it that powering feeling that is just totally overwhelmingly good. The vocals are something that also stand out on this record. Hoest's vocal style ranges from black metal vocals to folk/viking metal vocals and I just fucking love it. Speaking of which, on the first song Nattestid I there are folk vocals that are incorporated and compliment the instruments very nicely. The vocal ability of Taake is outstanding. Drums are very interesting in this release because the routines are rare and refreshing due to the fact they're played in a bit of a raw production and they're very creative.

Aside from the music, the art was something that also compliments the music well. Everything is in norwegian then translated into runes.

I would highly recommend fans of folk metal and black metal to atleast check Taake out and give them a shot. I think you all will not be dissapointed but very much delighted by what you hear. Buy it!!!!

100/100 A+ Norsk Black Metal