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Original. Technical. Emotional. - 92%

Antikrist, July 15th, 2004

Okay. First of all, this album bleeds with a true passion that is rarely ever seen in black metal, or in any music at all. This band is not just out to play because they like seeing themselves in corpsepaint. The riffs themselves actually communicate a sort of poetic wrath more intensely than almost anything I've ever heard, that even includes Dissection, Emperor, Immortal, only the best three black metal groups ever to walk the earth. If you play these songs, even on air guitar, it will put you in a trance. The vocals are very raspy, which is good, but coupled with the production it makes them sound a bit too abrasive, but a lot of black metallers will appreciate that. The drums are very audible but not overpowering or distorting the sound like they do on "A Blaze In The Northern Sky". I really can't say much to describe or justify the appeal of the album, but I can say that once I repeated the 7th song on it (i just call it Nattestid Ser Porten Vid VII) 8 times even though it was 9 minutes long. It's the highlight of the album, but the sound it has is shared by all 6 other songs. This has my full recommendation to fans of ANY type of metal.