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Gigantomachy would be a killer band! - 95%

dismember_marcin, April 11th, 2013

Taake surely is one of the most popular and respected (Norwegian) black metal bands around. There’s no doubt about that, but I think I can say that not all their releases are so well known and here’s an example of one such lesser known material. This 10” piece of black wax was released by Agonia Records more or less at the time of unleashing another quite similar 10” split MLP with Vidsyn. Originally it was limited to 1000 copies and obviously they all have been sold out a long time ago. Recently the Taake side of the vinyl has been actually re-released on the “Gravkamre, Kroner og Troner” compilation, but it would be better for you to get the original version as this way you’ll have the only chance to hear Gigantomachy!

So I guess I should start with Gigantomachy, as this project will be relatively unknown to most of you and actually they only appeared on only one release, which is this split EP with Taake. Gigantomachy was formed by ex-Taake member C.Corax, who along with an individual named Serpentor (who was responsible for the recording of some Taake releases), came up with Gigantomachy in 2005.

As I said, these two songs from “Dra Til Helvete / Restart the Night” are the only thing that Gigantomachy has ever released and it is also their final release, as Corax has left the metal scene and the band will never be back, which is fuckin' sad. And why it won’t be ever back, you ask? Well, Corax stabbed someone in the neck with a knife and went to prison where he turned his face to God! You can actually read about his conversion on the page called Psykisk Helseuke (there’s also an interview on Youtube with him, from a religious arseholed program). What a surprise, but what can one expect from Gigantomachy? Well, I must say that these two songs offer a very, very good portion of raw, obscure Norwegian black metal, one which is very close to such bands as Taake, Urgehal, Orcustus, Dodheimsgard (“Kronet til Konge”), and some other classic Norwegian stuff, even Satyricon and mid-era Darkthrone. I really like both songs; they provide a killer, dark, and obscure atmosphere and the riffing is just excellent and the band was able to truly nail everything in a perfect way.

I like everything about Gigantomachy's music including those killer vocals of Serpentor in “Earth Bound”, which sound just like Aldrahn on the classic first LP of Dodheimsgard. Both tracks are true black metal anthems, and as I already mentioned the riffing is just killer. I love those mournful misanthropic melodies, but also when Gigantomachy plays some faster, vicious, and sinister parts, it always sounds just right and I especially recommend the track called “Earth Bound”. Definitely I can say that both songs would have been a great prologue for an awesome LP if the band was still active, but well, that’s another story. All I can say now is that I strongly recommend you listen to these two songs, as they are truly FANTASTIC.

And Taake…well, with this band everyone should know exactly what to expect. “Voldtekt” kicks off with an aggressive and really cool riff and once you get used to this very raw and harsh as hell production, you’ll like it, if only you worship the band’s previous works. Actually, the whole of “Voldtekt” goes the very same path as my favourite Taake LP “Hordalands Doedskvad” musically, production-wise, and of course quality-wise, and I dare to say that if you worship this LP as well, then “Voldtekt” will hit you strong.

There’s only one thing that I don’t like about this song and it’s the fact that not only is it quite short, but also it finishes abruptly, so it seems like it hasn’t actually been finished, but it is great anyway. After that Taake delivers a cover of Destruction’s “Death Trap” from their classic “Infernal Overkill” LP, and it is, as one can expect, very well-played and actually sounds quite much like a classic Darkthrone song, so it only proves how much influence the black metal scene has been taking from the old German thrash metal scene. Just change the production for something harsher, make the playing slightly more primitive and the vocals raw as hell and there you go, but can someone please tell what is that riff that Taake added at the end of this cover? Fuck, I cannot remember it to be on the original version of “Death Trap”, but also I KNOW this riff 100%, but my memory is just blank now and I cannot put a name on it, which pisses me off, especially since I love this riff a lot. Isn’t it something from Darkthrone maybe???

Final rate: 95/100