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Wow, 80s metal can sure suck sometimes - 40%

UltraBoris, April 20th, 2003

This is way too high on the cheese factor and the AC/DC-isms to be any good. The vocalist has that half-shriek half-snarl that's not all that much removed from Brian Johnson, except more shrieky. Not a great singer by any means... then as for the actual music, this is anthemic '80s metal with more than a passing reference to '70s classic rock.

The opening track is probably the best, but even that isn't all that good... the problem is that for the most part the riffage is subdued, and the vocals are very high in the mix (see the verses). In the chorus, they step up the guitars quite a bit, and they come out a lot better - but in the verses and under the solo, the riffage is very minimal. The solo is cool, like on all the songs here - there is no absence of lots of noodling.

Then it kinda goes downhill from here. Front Burner is total AC/DC worship, with a very similar style riff - very simple, and lots and lots of groove. If you like that kind of stuff (really, if you like stuff like AC/DC and also Lynyrd Skynyrd) you will like this. I for one want a lot more fucking headbanging material.

The rest is similar to this, really - there isn't all that much to say. Hard as a Rock has a cool riff for a few seconds here and there. Child of Sin is not quite a ballad, but it is slower than the other tracks, while Asleep at the Wheel is a lot faster, and it sounds like some classic rock band whose name I can't be bothered to remember right now. Hell to Pay is a ballad, though it actually has a pretty cool middle section - it's most similar to 80s metal in the classic sense, oddly enough.

Queen of the Scene is yet another number that sounds typical for this album. Glad all Over is a cover, and I forget who the average is - it's less metal than the rest of the album, while Siren Song is another ballad that kinda falls flat.

So what we have here is more a party-anthem album than anything else. If you like your metal filled with lots of rockisms and enough groove to incapacitate a Pantera member, then you'll love this. But if you want your metal with balls of steel, then... no.