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2 OfTheir Best songs: One Single - 85%

DeathRiderDoom, May 20th, 2009

TNT – Everyone’s a Star

This little single by melodic power/heavy metal act T.N.T is a great, positive rock anthem sure to please fans of the genre. It’s a good blend of pop-yness and heavy metal attitude and that uplifting ‘rock n roll and proud’ vein like so many others. This was the single released along with their excellent, uproarious and uplifting release - and considered by many their masterwork - ‘Tell no Tales’ (1987).

The track works excellently as a seductive taste of the band, and a high octane thriller marking the opening of the album it was taken from. I truly enjoy the whole arrangement. T.N.T. was one of those bands whose sound I just fell in love with, and tracks like this are the reason. The opening riff’s allegiance lies firmly in the American school of melodic/glam, with the verse’s opening vocals tearing straight through your heart spouting powerful emotive lyrics in that true European power metal sense. The chorus “Everyone’s a star, shining in the spotlight tonight!!!!” is bound to get stuck in your head, as I can remember a good two years ago it certainly did for me.

The b-side, and truly phenomenal ‘Tell No Tales’ is a superb melodic power metal masterpiece that is an absolute pleasure to the ears – and remarkably even tops the a-side. When I first heard this fast paced melodic assault shivers were sent down my spine. It retains very much a ‘metal’ feel, comparable at times to the speed metal sections of Judas Priest with its breakneck speed guitar leads (courtesy of virtuoso shredder Ronni Le Tekrø), and thundering pace from start to finish, no to mention the wonderful vocals. Right from the crunchiness and pace of the opening riff, to the eerie and progressive string outro, this one is a sure-fire winner. I suspect that the still thundering-ly ‘metal’ (at this time) T.N.T. wanted to release ‘Tell No Tales’ as their single, but under their at times overbearing record company (Vertigo), were pressured into a slightly more commercial number, and probably insisted on the inclusion of ‘Tell No Tales’ on the b-side to please the more heavier-orientated and long-time fanbase they had.

While some metalheads tend to frown on the melodic approach taken by bands such as Europe, T.N.T. or Grim Reaper, I thoroughly enjoy it. I don’t get into music simply to hear the most ‘brutal’ or even heaviest sound. I really enjoy the display of talent evidenced in arrangements like the two present on this phenomenal single. The single includes two of my favourite (if not the favourite) T.N.T. songs; both energetic numbers with plenty of display of the fantastic vocals of an often overlooked Tony Harnell. These two very strong tracks went on be included in T.N.T.’s masterwork, where they remain among the strongest tracks, which to me is the hallmark of an excellent single. Collectors: Buy It!