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Who authorized this? - 12%

bobdahl, December 3rd, 2010

I can't believe it. Symphorce just won't give up. So Become Death was a terrible release, I think most can agree on that. And everything before it has been listenable, but mostly just far below average metal. If you think about it, Truth To Promises had some neat ideas, and they changed their style a bit for Sinctuary, which had a few cool songs (and also that painful production), notably the fun ride "Nice Dreams" (which funnily is a cover). After this, it has all gone downhill, straight to the bottom at which album number 7; “Unrestricted” lies. Or is it the bottom? Well, let's hope for the sake of mankind that they finally reached it.

Compare with Become Death for a second. There was still a shred of creativity left which resulted in an album that was really bad, but not a complete train wreck. The difference with Unrestricted is that there's nothing new anywhere, everything is ripped and thrown together at the last minute, and even the new stuff they came up with sounds just incredibly bad. Like the awful keyboards they now put in? Now, it's not just terrible power/mallcore album, but a god awful, horrible techno-power/mallcore hybrid. Listen to the beginning of Whatever Hurts. What the fuck? I mean, seriously, I waited for over two years (for some reason) to hear something new from Symphorce, in hopes that they maybe could release an album that wasn't a very flawed or simply put; a pile of shit. THIS is what they came up with. Same for “The Waking hour”, it's so stupid! Same goes for the way the ending solo begins on "Visions". Also, someone needs to be shot for the song they call "The Last Decision". Since the words in my vocabulary can't describe how insultingly horrible it is, I'm not even going to try. I could at least say this: Andy, shut up!

Oh look, Symphorce, you tried to be a little political with The Mindless, bringing up 9/11 and that kind of issue. You might as well have rallied up the families of the victims and just flipped them off. I don't really see the difference here; it is the same kind of insult. ”Hey let’s dedicate a pile of garbage to those poor victims” sounds like something they said in the rehearsal room when “writing” the song. It could at least have saved some production cost and time to use the middle finger.

If there's one good thing about Unrestricted, it could be the decent production. It's actually well done. But I'd rather have a bunch of 16 year olds playing helloween-clone music, sounding like they play inside a garbage can, than try to put up with this shit. I mean seriously, there’s not one, not ONE damn catchy part on this record. Someone please do me a favor and just put Symphorce down, once and for all. If anyone has bought this album, I truly feel very sorry for you. No sane person would ever think this was even decent. There's nothing attractive on here, for any metal fan. The guitars are playing meaningless mallcore riffs and Andy B Franck is sounding more like Anders Fridén every day. Avoid at all damn costs if you like decent music.