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A disappointment, but still OK ! - 65%

Nightrunner, September 17th, 2005

I looked forward to this release after the two great albums ”Phorceful Ahead” and ”Twice Second”, but to be honest i’m actually a little bit disappointed with ”Godspeed”. It’s a very uneven album, it has about 5 good songs, but the rest of the album are really fillers. I don’t know what it is, but some songs just feel way too much Nu-metalish. Just listen to “Black Water”, there’s at least 80% Nu-metal in that song I can tell you, and it’s for sure on of the weakest on the album. But in general it’s the same Symphorce we know, heavy parts mixed with progressive, calm, technical parts, but just in a weaker version than before.

The album’s plus side is like always, Andy’s vocals. I’m starting to like this guy’s vocals more and more and he has become a favourite of mine, really powerful voice. The production is also great, the guitars and bass sounds thicker than ever and the drums are heavy prodded, s no complains on those parts. And on the positive side of the songs are the heavy mid-tempo “Everlasting Life” (best on the album too), the moderately fast and heavy “Haunting”, it has a lame chorus but great verses. “Wounds Will Last Within” and “Your Cold Embrace” are also two heavy songs, “Wounds” has some really cool riffs and a great chorus. “Your Cold Embrace” has ripping riffs, and a awesome pre-chorus. And we also have "The Mirrored Room" a heavy one with a cool and bluesy intro. A fairly lame chorus, but the rest of the song is great.

In any way, I would recommend you to buy “Phorceful..” and “Twice..” before this album, ‘cause they kick this album pretty easily on most parts. For me “Godspeed” is one the biggest disappointment of 2005, but it’s still a absolutely OK album though.

3 best songs: Everlasting Life, Wounds Will Last Within, Your Cold Embrace