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Stinkforce - 40%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

Symphorce obviously likes Dream Theater and it would be quite hard for the band to deny the fact. “Godspeed” ultimately is majestic in some moments and during others, it is wildly predictable. An ultra-compressed mix reigns in the songparts that strive to break away from the reigns of power metal into more aggressive soundscapes. Good ol' Andy Franck bears the round-sounding voice of Tate at times, but some of the tones that he utters are a touch too bland for the band’s generally muscular riffing. His voice does grab a bit of that Hetfield bite during “No Shelter” and “Black Water”, but doesn’t clamp down hard enough for it to stick.

For Godspeed, the songwriting is there, just not necessarily the performance and here the finger points squarely at Franck. As the band members most often provide an ample champion like-tones, “Nowhere” finds the listener feeling that Franck should leave the love metal to Ville Valo. You have to admire the bruising strength shown in cuts like “The Haunting”, where the entire band stand on-point in one of this record’s truly shining moments.

Unfortunately, those moments are just too few and far between in order to hail this album as being anything that could be considered groundbreaking. Fans that enjoy a bit of thrash grooving power metal with a progressive aura will go for this if they are diehards but for the most part, this is going to be nothing new to longtime headbangers.