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V: The New Mediocrity Suite - 55%

Human666, April 20th, 2016

I must say that after a couple of brilliant albums, the fifth studio album of Symphony X is a major letdown. In theory, this album had everything needed to become a remarkable effort: a solid concept and a group of overwhelming musicians that proved superb songwriting qualities in the former albums. This is however not the case with this album.

The album opens with some Latin chants accompanied by overly cheesy and synthetic orchestra that sounds like a very outdated and cheap virtual instrument. After that short and redundant segment, comes the best track in this album: 'Evolution'. This is a fast paced track with epic vocal lines and great riffs that sets a great opening tone. Everything about this song works, the catchy chorus, the superb keyboards/guitar dueling and the powerful drumming. So the first real track of the album was pretty good, but after that it's all downhill.

Most of the themes in this album sounds too familiar and inconsistent. 'Communion And The Oracle' sounds like an uninspired imitation of 'The Accolade' from 'The Divine Wings Of Tragedy' with some pale vocal lines and way too identical structure. In addition, there are four different instrumental interludes that are plain boring and are there just to fill space.

In general, this album has a very forced atmosphere. There are no inspiring moments in this album. The band sounds quite worn most of the time and the songwriting is miles away from the high levels of the former couple of albums. Overall, this album is an uninspiring progressive metal album with too many synthetic orchestrations that are plain bad.