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Better than Iconoclast - 88%

Mortal_Sacrifice, May 24th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Nuclear Blast

If you're like me and you weren't satisfied with Iconoclast (with the exception of When All Is Lost) then you definitely had high hopes for this album. Does it live up? Not as much as I wanted. Does it disappoint? Absolutely not.

What we have here is Symphony X, as they stated before this release, trying to tap back into their older material. However personally I would lump this into being more of an in between of Odyssey and Paradise Lost. They ditched the need for more modern metal throwaways (Iconoclast) and attempted to go back the route of having solid melodies. However the fatal misstep is that they underused Michael Pinnella quite substantially in this album. He does have moments where he truly shines but I can tell they didn't really deem him truly necessary to make the whole album complete. Of course that's a shame, you kidding?

My favorite songs are Nevermore, Underworld, Charon (reminds me of Eyes of Medusa from Divine Wings of Tragedy a little bit), To Hell and Back and the solo on Swan Song is exceptionally fantastic.

But I feel the absolute best song is Legend. Here you have Symphony X doing what they do best; making great music with a borderline corny premise that is just flat-out infectious and awesome to crank up. If anything, THIS song is the Symphony X we wanted to hear all these years. Making excellent use of ALL the members' talents. Each member shines through in this one song and it's a damn fine way to end the album. I'd say buy the entire album for this one song.

All in all, if you were like me and disappointed with Iconoclast and looking for them to (ugh..) "go back to their roots" as cliched as that sounds then absolutely get this album. It has a couple missteps (The by-the-numbers, completely forgettable Overture, Run with the Devil...) but all in all it's a great effort and a step in a better direction.