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Not their best - 70%

linkavitch, May 22nd, 2009

To be perfectly honest I find The Odyssey to be Symphony X’s weakest album that I’ve head (still haven’t heard Paradise Lost). The main reason for me would probably have to be the fact that there are less of the progressive elements that the band is famous for.

The first song on here has a really annoying guitar part to me. The guitar is played really high and is being picked fast. It’s got an obnoxious tone, and it’s lost the power, and progressive metal feeling it had in previous albums. The songs on the album are either hit or miss to me. The song is either good or worthless. The opening track, the bonus track, and “Incantations of the Apprentice” don’t really do anything for me, but all the other tracks are pretty solid.

The best song on here hands down is the seven part epic song “The Odyssey”, and the song is just fantastic. It’s the best song Symphony X had written since they released The Divine Wings of Tragedy. You don’t even need to listen to any of the other songs with this track on here. This track blows all the other tracks away. This is also what pisses me off about it. It’s a very long song, and some of it feels like its just being tagged on, as if even without that guitar solo or extra long opening part you wouldn’t really miss anything important, or that the song itself would be even better without it. The actual opening part of “The Odyssey” is rather nice. It starts out in an epic way (horns and stuff like that) then goes into a peaceful “happy” mood, then a much darker sounding for about a minute, then a guitar solo starts, and finally the song really starts to begin. But the biggest problem is that it is an overlong song, and if it got cut by eight minutes you wouldn’t really miss out on anything important.

The album may drag one a little bit for me, but I can also see as to why a lot of people consider it one of their best, even though I find it to be their worst. Either way I recommend this to anyone into progressive metal or Symphony X fans who haven’t heard it yet.