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Symphony X delivers a worthwhile performance. - 83%

AzzMan, April 9th, 2004

Some of the tracks here were forgettable, though. I have to say that. Alot of them stick with you, like Incantations, but a few just don't matter.

Now, onward. The vocals are grand. They have that almost operatic, prog-powwer feel. Fitting lyrics roam the album, with extravagent singing and at some points, it just breaks into yelling, but it carries a tone that makes it feel perfectly fitting.

Guitar riffs are pure genius. Solos are everwhere, and with Romeo going, you know it's going to sound good. I don't even have to say how good these riffs are. They work with the music perfectly. Beyond that, I never knew it was even possible to headbang to power metal. I guess you learn something every day, eh?

And behind the kit.. everything works out well, too! I'm not suprised, but it's still not the perfect drumming. I like it, but theres certainly something better. It tends to be more paced.. and slower. Still, undeniably good.

On a side note most of the songs ARE slower. My favorite, Awakenings, was probably the slowest track on the album. Some of the other songs, such as King of Terrors are faster, but with a cool little classical feel behind the best vocal performance on the album.

Anyhow, the keyboards and piano used... I can't dislike any keyboard or piano work unless it downright sucks. Since it's awesome, moody and almost tranquil... I don't dislike it.

Overall, the album passes... but theres tons of better ones in the sea of metal. Still worth getting. Amazing first few listens, and after that you still can't help but listen to some of the songs on the album. Namely, King of Terrors, Incantations Of The Apprentice and Awakenings.