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Some Of The Most Beautiful Music Ever Made - 100%

zuke2323, January 17th, 2009

It's almost impossible to believe that a band can make music so majestic and still be metal. Symphony X are truly gods of the prog/power scene, and they began to cement their place in history with The Divine Wings Of Tragedy.

Now, I'm not going to lie, I own (and love) every Symphony X album that features Russell Allen as the lead vocalist. The man is an absolute genius in his respective department; you truly believe and hang onto every syllable that bellows from his lungs. There is so much emotion in his voice that one cannot help but be wrapped up in his work. Whether he is reaching truly high notes as in the last two minutes of the title song, or sounding like true power metal royalty in Sea Of Lies and Candlelight Fantasia, Russell Allen has all the tools. There is not a low point in any of the hour and five minutes of this album when it comes to vocals.

There may be only one man who is as good at what he does as Russell Allen is, and that man happens to be Allen's bandmate, Michael Romeo. This man is known worldwide as an absolute shredder, and he does not disappoint on DWOT. On this album he really shows off his neo-classical style, especially on Out Of The Ashes, Pharaoh, and the title track. Romeo's solos are absolutley jaw-dropping without being pure wankery, and his riffs can be as heavy as they are melodic.

Obviously Symphony X would not be who they are without the exquisite keyboard playing of Michael Pinnella. He adds so much atmosphere to every song and plays off Romeo's riffs so well that it can often sound as though the guitar and the keyboards are one super-instrument capable of producing stunning melodies.

It would not be a complete review of this album if I did not mention the following two things; the first being the polyrhythm (which starts at exactly 7:25 into the song, by the way) in The Accolade. It starts off with a bell toll and, every 5-10 seconds for a minute, adds in a new sound/instrument. It is truly jaw-dropping to here this masterpiece of an idea come into musical form the way it does; words cannot describe how beautiful this one minute of music is.

The second thing that I absolutely must go into further detail about is the title track. While the album The Divine Wings Of Tragedy is breath taking, the song The Divine Wings of Tragedy is a masterpiece in itself. In fact, if the album consisted of only the title track and 40 minutes of static noise, I would probably still give the album an 80/100. No joke. From the opera-like intro to the beautiful piano outro, this song is perfect. It feels as though no more than five minutes have gone by when one listens to this entire, nearly 21 minute epic song. This song truly does bring a tear to the eye.

This album shoud be listened to by any prog/power metal fan, and really all metal fans. It is the brainchild of truly two of the greatest minds in metal in Allen and Romeo, and one can rest assured they poured their hearts into this one.

Recommended Tracks: The Accolade, The Divine Wings Of Tragedy, Candlelight Fantasia.