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A new masterpiece - 90%

stormruller, January 13th, 2012

Russel Allen has worked in several projects such as Avantasia, Allen/Lande, and Star One in the past years and now he decided together with Michael Romeo that it was time for a new Symphony X release after their 2007 "Promised Land".

The band have released a special edition including a 2cd release, but my review here goes for the regular edition that contains 9 long songs. I'm not a real fan of long songs, but Symphony X can bring out great long songs such as their previous works like "King Of Terrors", "Smoke And Mirrors", "Church Of The Machine", and others to name. Here we have one of the best long songs I've heard, the title-track for its almost 11 minutes I can definitely say is a masterpiece.

Together with the title-track, my other two favorite songs are the songs the band performed live before the cd was even released, "The End Of Innocence", a fast rocking with a catchy chorus to remember for some time, and "Dehumanized", a very dark and aggressive song. Another song that is remarkable on this release is the final song "When All Is Lost". They have chosen the right song to finish the cd, a piano intro very nicely done and then we have one of the best vocals I've heard from Russel Allen.

We can also find other good songs here like "Heretic", a melodic and aggressive song (but it should have a better chorus), and "Electric Messiah", another great song done by Symphony X, but I'd rather have seen "The End Of Innocence" or "Dehumanized" as their video clip and not this song. Also "Children Of The Faceless God", but only for its amazing chorus as I didn't find the full song that special.