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Ancient Times - 98%

UnholyValkyr, March 3rd, 2011

Sylvus are a band I hadn't heard of until earlier this year; I can safely say I'm really glad I got my hands on this release. Usually metal from Canada is totally killer, as is the case with this album.

Onwards to the musical side of things. This album isn't a technical album, it isn't masked by gimmicks of Satan or any of the atypical black metal features, instead from what I can hear, they're going for an approach which seems to hail nature and ancient forces unseen. The production is also completely on par, not over polished and not to raw so that your ears explode. The guitar is full of interesting melodies and riffs, even though the guitar work is usually rather simplistic. The drums are actually rather interesting, I hate black metal which is filled with extremely fast blast beats but this album has extremely enjoyable drum patterns, changing every now and then to compliment the other instruments. Now, let me get to my favourite part of this release, the vocals. I love this vocal style, it's easily my favourite type of vocal style for black metal and it reminds me of Wolves In The Throne Room or Drudkh. I really hope their next release doesn't deviate from this vocal style.

All in all this album is highly recommended for the listener who fancies a breath of fresh air in the black metal scene. The only reason this album didn't get 100% is because I really wished their was more to listen to, the album is actually rather short and feels more like an EP than a full length. People who are interested in ambient black metal or folk metal could like this release, I advise you get it, now.