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Absolutely superb melodic thrash/death. - 96%

TheGreenAndBlack, July 13th, 2011

Since releasing their 2008 album Conclusion of an Age, Jamie Graham, the vocalist who sang on that album has left Sylosis. The band attempted to find a new singer, but when nothing worked out, Josh Middleton, the band's lead guitarist, stepped forward. Middleton's approach is slightly different to Graham's; while Graham occasionally took a break from his roaring to sing soaring clean parts, Middleton mostly sticks to growling. I prefer the new vocal style to the old one as ,while I love Conclusion of an Age, the clean parts did seem oddly out of place. There are clean parts on this album too, but they are used sparingly and sound decidedly less emo.
The guitar work on this album is stellar and the riffs are very memorable with the shredding on Empyreal standing out in particular. As with Conclusion of an Age, the album has an epic and ethereal feel and is extremely heavy, but also very melodic. The lyrics are also excellent and Middleton has a very unique songwriting style.

The most common complaint that I have heard about Edge of the Earth is that it's just too long, and while it is very long for a thrash/death album, I don't feel that it's TOO long. The latest Exodus albums have also had this problem, and while I mostly agree that the Atrocity Exhibition albums do run too long, I don't seem to get tired of EotE before the end like I do with those albums. This album is engaging and interesting enough for me to sit out the whole length of the album without getting bored and is memorable enough to warrant repeat listens. Also, the instrumental "Where the Sky Ends" is beautiful and haunting.

Sylosis have continued their promising start of their career by following up their excellent debut with an even more excellent sophomore effort. I just can't wait to hear more from them and it looks like they are destined for great things.