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Sybreed - Antares - 100%

Eseth, April 23rd, 2009

So they came. Guys who really know how to create some soul-touching melancholical yet energetic music. Not long ago after releasing this album they gained quite a cult status among people with mightily different tastes. And not without a good reason. By invoking merciless guitar shredding, agressive bass playing, complex drumming, varying vocals and sensuous future ambient sounds they made one of the most unique industrial albums in years.

Vocals are in perfect shape. They vary and add greatly to the atmosphere. Divine clean harmonic singing mixes decently with medium-pitched pain pulsating screams. Adding some nearly spoken language in tracks like "Orbital" proves to be a feel for variance. Singer's voice is sometimes altered by oscillation or other effects. Also, the lyrics are very well made and polished denunciating the dark side of unsettled progress towards science and cold steel filled future. Guitar work is perfectly decent. Although mostly the shredding is at nearly machine-gun like speed, the riffs are pretty plain and that's where they made no mistake. You don't need playful and technical guitar riffing when you make apocalyptic approach to the music. This simplicity is perfectly where it must be. Like almost usually, there's little to say about bass parts. They are really good, from time to time taking a step off from guitar sounds to make it more audible. No real complaints and no bass solos where they aren't desirable. There comes some cheers for the drumming. It must be the best proved musicianship ability on the album. Drumming is never boring, on any track. It is not upstart but uses songs' emotional space by giving something more interesting than simple mid-tempo blast-beating or slow routine-like bumpings on slower tracks. Using alternate riff endings the drummer gets you satisfied by not hearing the same all over again. And technicity is there.

The release proves to be great not only in quality but also in quantity. Eleven songs and two bonus tracks shows a huge imagination and creativity among it's creators. Every song is completely different and has it's peak moments but pure vocal work and delicate samples keeps you away from skipping a song until a desired eruption of emotions. People who like music which causes them to feel rather than only hear should definitely try this album. I can't force myself to give this one less than a perfect grade as I can't find any flaws. Too bad my review isn't as great as this album deserved.

Stand-out tracks: None! Every song is exceptional and interesting providing you with a portion of mild melancholy while not taking away energy from you.