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Brutal at times, but lacking overall - 68%

jaevlasvensk, October 17th, 2004

Seeing the name Nödtveidt in Swordmaster’s lineup kind of sets an unfair standard for the band to live up to, but they do it fairly well. Moribund Transgoria holds 35 minutes of pounding death-thrash, with, as one might expect, an extremely strong resemblance to Dissection. Unfortunately, there is also some influence from the less-than-desirable Swedish bands such as The Haunted... That being said, it’s obvious that you’re going to hear a few weak, harmonized Gothenburg-type riffs (see “The Angels and the Masters,” “Sulphur Skelethrones,” etc.), but overall they keep it pretty ballsy, taking hints on “melodicism done right” from Storm of the Light’s Bane. The vocals are pretty black-oriented, sounding a bit like Jon as well. On the whole there are too many blastbeats, death-riffs and whatnot to really consider this thrash, but a good handful of the riffs qualify as such. Overall, Moribund Transgoria is a fun listen, particularly if you’re a Dissection fan, but there’s nothing really amazing or original to be found.