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Aw hell, it's got METAL in it's title - 100%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, October 26th, 2009

I love shit like this. 100% pure Heavy Metal with no substitutes.

Oh, this aint your cheesy A&R hard rock that was claimed to be Metal back in the 80's when they were no more than a shade paler than Winger, no this is the kind of Metal that you will enjoy at the drop of a hat. This is the kind of Metal that you were born to head bang to. The is the kind of Metal that is encoded in your fucking DNA that when those opening chords blast out of your speakers, you bow down and headbang like your in the front row with studded leather gloves and spiked wristbands.

Sword were a Canadian Heavy Metal band that released two albums. The even more amusing thing is that they started out as a fucking KISS cover act but then one day they grew a set, got their shit together and started playing excellent stuff. They played a style of metal that has elements of power metal, traditional metal and at times a hint or two of thrash metal in terms of vocal delivery. Imagine a more epic version of Anvil mixed with Armored Saint with a lead singer that sounds like goddamn Tony Martin from Black Sabbath's "TYR"...oh yeah, he's that's damn kick-ass. At points he sounds like he is going to venture into cheesy territory like on "Children Of Heaven" but then at the last second he turns around with "Get down on your knees...AND START TO PRAY" and complete bitch slaps you in the mouth with a steel glove. The sound production is top of it's class that gives it a golden sound.

The opener "F.T.W." isn't about screaming "Fuck the world" but more about screaming "follow the wheels of fire"....could have fooled me, but man, for an opener I get a hard-on! "Children of Heaven" is an epic sing-along, and "Stoned Again" is a testosterone-injected rocker. "Dare To Spit" will have you head-banging 8 ways to Sunday with the completely tempo-changing and almost song changing riffs.

Uh-oh…what is that...oh wait that opening to "Outta Control" will sure fool you into thinking the machine has run out of fuel, but it's just beginning. The most heaviest track on. This is the song you sing when you're at work one day and say to yourself "Fuck this shit! I'm getting outta here and having some fun! Hey boss I'm sick. Won't be back til Monday morning. What's that? SICK OF THIS FUCKING JOB!" A locomotive machine at ramming speed right through your house.

"The End Of the Night" is total "Where Eagles Dare"-worship with it's opening bass licks. A loud galloping motherfucker of a main riff. Rick Huges fucking COMMANDS you to take charge of yourself from wimping out. Oh and "Runaway" aint about some stupid 16 year old dropout whore who turns tricks and sells her tight pussy on Hollywood Boulevard, nu-uh. Another song about showing balls and being a man in trying to live your own life. Did I mention that opening melody? It will have guitars nerds blowing their loads over. "Nowhere To Hide" and "Stuck In Rock" are both straight-forward W.A.S.P.-influenced rockers. "Evil Spell" reminds me of Running Wild in some parts as far as the galloping NWOBHM-styles bass and drums.

There you have it folks. Not one bad track. All the right influences and sound that will have you coming back to this album for when you want to go absolutely mental in a completely Metal way.