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Leaves You Breathless - 90%

FiveAcrossTheEyes, July 11th, 2007

When Mads Haarløv and Jacob Olsen left Iniquity in 1995, they went on to record this little demo, and what a powerful little demo this is. Because Mads Harrløv went back to Iniquity after this demo, and took over vocal duties, this demo is what Iniquity would come to sound like in the late 90's.

Carnal Realm, the first track, opens with a really heavy guitar riff then the rest of the instruments come in. This track is my favorite off the album. It has really sweet guitar licks, and is brutal all the way through.

The second track is Subside in Flesh. Jacob Olsen murders you with his double-bass attack all the way through the song. Mads experiments a little bit with his growls, and shouts out some Pterodactyl-like screeches. They sound pretty cool, and it adds to the haunted feeling of the song.

And finally, the title track, The Breathless Waiting, has a really sweet intro. The lyrics are what make this song unique (even though you can't understand them). Another very brutal song.

There's not really much to say about The Breathless Waiting demo, except that it kills you. The production isn't the best, but it's not all that bad. Overall, if there is any fan of Iniquity who has a chance to get their hands onto this demo, to do so. Recommended.