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Probably the most underrated metal release - 93%

TheFourHorsemen666, May 5th, 2008

Now overall, NWOBHM is a very underrated genre. Most people don't know (from what I understand) more then Iron Maiden, Venom, Saxon, Motorhead, Mercyful Fate, and Angel Witch. Which is a shame, because THIS was the genre that branched off to several other metal genres (speed/thrash, power, and even black). It really makes me scratch my head that Metallica covered this on "Garage Inc.", and yet not many people don't even know this band's existence. Anyway before I get into a long rant, I should probably talk about this album.

The first thing you'll notice is the "I recorded this in a toilet fulla shit" production. I mean this is as bad as early Bathory production and this was released a good 3 years before Quorthon's debut. You have to try hard to make out some of the stuff that's going on. The drums are muddy, the vocals are drowned out, and while you can hum the riffs, the guitar is kinda hard to make out too (it's not extremly distorted or anything). I won't even mention bass, it's completly inaudible. Now you might think that this would take away from the music, but not here, it really adds to it and I frown upon bad production. It sounds like your listening to them live in garage, kinda cool, just raw metal.

Now the first song, "Eye Of The Storm", starts out with a mini drum and guitar solo. Then one of THE catchiest riffs ever blast in. I hum this riff very often, whether I'm working, walking, or taking a shit. Then the vocals come in, and while it's not really singing (the closest example I can give you is a Hetfield who could actually sing) it's catchy too. The chorus is catchy too, one of those good sing-a-long ones. It's this kinda shit that should've made millions, stuff that's actually catchy, not the borefest that was glam metal.

The next song, "Into The Night", interestingly begins with a riff very similar to proto-metal band, UFO's "Reasons Love" off of "No Heavy Petting". I'll probably say that Sweet Savage stole this one, since the releases are 5 years apart. However, it's not the exact same riff and they change it to a more "metal" riff, if that is an adjective. This song's just as catchy as the one before it and has a pretty good solo in it to add to it.

The third song, "Queen's Vengeance", seriously blows everything out of water. I'd go far enough to say this is one of the BEST metal songs ever. It's very epic, more epic then Manowar's "Battle Hymns" (the song) and as epic as Maiden without going all harmonic on you. It begins with a clean intro then gets heavier. Then you have a minute of that great NWOBHM catchiness. Here is when it begins to be epic. You have an epic solo and ending, and you have a top-notch metal song. I can't find the words to describe this song, but I strongly recommend anyone who hasn't, to listen to this song.

And finally, the last song, "Killing Time". This is the song Metallica covered, and once you listen to it, it's easy to understand why. You give this steroids and you get Kill Em All-era Metallica. This is pure thrash metal here, way ahead of its time. It's too bad it barely passes the 2 minute barrier, for it's quite an excellent song.

If you I had to quickly summarize this demo, it's some of the catchiest metal you'll ever hear. Don't be discouraged that Metallica covered them, they listened to some good NWOBHM. Go do yourself a favor and get this album.