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Wine, Women And Song 2.0 - 90%

CHAIRTHROWER, January 11th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Impaled Records

Dig it! São Paulo. Brazil's Sweet Danger - no longer simply an Angel Witch classic - totally sounds like an unmitigated modern day dead-ringer for Anvil with its nine rabid and wiry killer cuts festooning its 2016 full-length, the savoringly (and lecherously) titled Women, Leather and Hell, released on CD under Impaled Records.

The old school styled production is raw as fuck, not to mention the actual musicianship. The guitar riffs are stretched taut like a rubber band about to snap, the drums are irrevocably wound up like buddy's got a lit firecracker up his butt whilst the bass grooves its merry way with reckless abandon as the front man's greasy caws drip with vitriol, spite and debonair flair, Bountiful, buzzing leads sear an unholy trail at the most opportune moments; as soon as you connect with the grippingly great guitar riffs, the ax men turn around and WHAM! Kick-ass, ambulatory albeit highly melodic solos fly off the handle like there's no tomorrow. What's more, unlike its Canadian brethren, who were prone to banality as well as frivolous lyrical content (remember "School Love", "At The Apartment" and "Bedroom Game"?!), Sweet Danger keeps it all very evil and lustful in equal measures. A black mass-y a la Savage Master organ intro (the album's sole deviation from said rambunctious glory) tears open "Invoke The Wicked" before the sacrificial dagger plunges down in the form of a raunchy triplet based riff and rough & tumble drums until a somewhat solemn sounding but strident set of solos akin to throwing around a bucket of blood seals the deal. Yet, things get even more Anvil-ish on the succeeding 80s sounding metal anthem "Metal Mania". Harried upstrokes and swinging riffs pave the way for the messed up, Prince of Darkness - the movie - evoking (due to all the bubbling and gurgling going on) "Witches' Brew". This is where Women, Leather and Hell gets really interesting!

A monstrously encroaching bass line - at times master of its domain in full putrid splendor - demoniacally elbows its way in as the stoic drum beat and angrily shuffling guitar riff lay the foundation for Adriano's super chthonic verses and chorus:

"The owls are flying
Up in the sky
The witches are dancing
Singing their chants

Bring the mushrooms
And bring the oils
Put in the cauldron
And wait till they boil
The magic haze
Starts to rise
On through your lungs
Blurring your eyes

The bonfire
It's burning high
The witch's brew
Will be brewed tonight!"

Whoooeee! Good stuff! Then, "Runaway" socks you full in the jaw with Marcelo (active with Cerberus Attack/formerly with Cursed Slaughter) and Felipe's skull crushing, hard-driving riffs and brief but super sonorous intro soloing until you're left agape, savagely tearing your shirt off in haphazard strips while howling to your heart's content as more lascivious leads round the bend. It's a top highlight for sure!

Every track rocks to the fullest while the band mates make the very best of their killer momentum, skillful chops, hellish passion and unbridled enthusiasm. OK, so "All Who Dare to Love You" takes a little while to duly take off (note how the first few bars resemble Judas Priest's "Victim of Changes") but once it does at 02:21 when the grinch-y bridge swaggers by with par-for-the-course rampant leads in tow, you're back to picking up your teeth with broken fingers!

Alas, I'm doomed to pontificate further thanks to another hair-rising humdinger, the feral, palm muted and down-picked, partially "Two Minutes To Midnight" sounding whiplash-er which is the Armour/Cast Iron-ish "Lust & Madness". The slippery and downright bad-ass secondary riff following the first couple of verses has me in a right foaming at the mouth frenzy of pure trad metal adulation. The wickedly strewn satyric lyrics act as a guileful bonus if you will. Get a load of lines such as: "You got the ways/Of a merciless succubus/Feeding like a dirty leech/From my inner madness" or "Please set me free/from your evil clutches of lust and sin/I'm on my knees/You know i'm sick/and you are my medicine"...Touché! An incrementally spiraling whirligig of a lead break and grinding backing riff only serve to compound my interest ten fold.

Dutifully meriting accolades as well are bassist Bruno (also active with Cerberus Attack/formerly with Nuclear Decimation) and drummer Allan as their fulminating line drive rhythms provide the unwavering and resounding impetus which the guitarists grandly build upon. The front man, for his part, gleefully makes the most of it, whether he's screaming his face off on later weathered worthies such as the lead swamped - also massively Anvil-like - and gang vocal littered arena rock anthem "Hard N' Heavy" and curmudgeon-y, blasting drum fest "Up to the Grave", or raucously stewing in his fetid juices like he does on the gems mentioned above. Lastly, a hoof clopping, raven cawing, heavy bass poking hand clapper and razor-grater constitutes an apt closer in "Grim Reaper', which I'm sure the NWOBHM bigwigs (in looks and status) would approve of.

Considering Sweet Danger's Women, Leather and Hell is just short of forty minutes, it's pleasantly shocking how abundant and engaging it is. In closing, I dare say I'm a sucker for this un-spartan type of genial, fist in the air, loose n' lethal kind of stuff. Boy, what an utterly random but rewarding find - good 'ol NWOTHM from bluetube; God, er, Satan, bless him!