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Pure Evil - 98%

nvathron, January 12th, 2008

Swastyka's "Prophecies of the Aryan Moon" demo is an unbelievable piece of black metal history in my eyes. I can remember asking around in regards to violent sounding work of black metal and coming across this work about two years ago. Still to this day and through all the demos, full lengths, and endless amounts of blackened sounds, I have yet find a work as dominant and evil as this one.

The "Intro" slides in with low and high orchestrated keyboard sounds. You can definitely sense the NS vibe in even the first couple seconds. Imagining tanks pressing through human life and existence. Nazi Germany in control of the world and praising to their Aryan brothers with great pride.

"Prophecies of Aryan Moon" opens with a few kicks and then pure hatred exposed through violent rhythm based guitars. What makes this song so amazing, in my eyes, is the drummer and vocalist. The drummer sounds relentless in his pursuit of immortality. Though effects might of been used (hard to tell), the vocalist's low toned screams are some of the most hateful ones I have heard in the NSBM genre. The song has an incredible breakdown towards the end of this nightmarish work. 13 minutes and 54 seconds of absolute terror.

"Det Som Engang Var" is the final work of the demo. A Burzum cover it is and rightfully so judging by the overall feeling you gather from the band's sound. It is done very well and professionally. I almost murdered a man after listening to Swastyka's version of this song in my car.

In conclusion, the demo is pure art yet the future work's of Swastyka in transition to Sunwheel were not quite as violent sounding and unsettling. Still overall though, this is an amazing NS band. Do not pass a listen of this up.