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The Legend of Aryan Moon - 75%

Wolfgard, October 8th, 2003

What is it with this Aryan Moon that Polish NSBM bands seem to adore. Especcially bands like Swastyka , Kataxu and Thunderbolt have used this Legend in their lyrical themes.

This is the first demo from this Polish National Socialistic Black Metal band.
This demo contains two songs that are written and composed by Swastyka and a cover song of the Burzum classic: "Det Som En Gang Var".

The intro is very nice, an orchestral piece of work. But the most important song is the title song: "Prophecies of Aryan Moon" . Here we can hear how the band Swastyka sounds. And actually I wasn't too suprised when it all sounded okay. The production is underground but acceptable and the music is raw and fast with slower melodic pieces. The vocals are excellent. High screams are telling us about a dark army of Aryan Warriors that has woke up and will take back what's theirs. Nice lyric, only I still have problems with all the national socialistic influences. When a band wants to be National Socialistic , that's not my problem , there is freedom of speech but it can be a bit tempered...since I do not really like the fact about being a political band and I am not a fan of the NS ideology. It's the music that does matters and that's sounding very nice, fast stomping drums, blazing guitar riffs and on some slower pieces a gently sounding keyboard.

The cover of Burzum is quite okay, but it's not a masterpiece. Det Som En Gang Var will always stay a Burzum song and no one will be able to do it better. Because of the atmosphere and sound.

To cut a long story short, it's a nice demo, no masterpiece, just quite okay.
I am looking forward to new material of this band that is now named Sunwheel.