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Swallowed - Swallowed

Press play and be swallowed - 90%

Arkanus, December 22nd, 2015

In 2010, after two excellent demos, Swallowed released a self-titled EP. They were formed in 2007, and their love for extreme Finnish music can be found here. Members were already involved in other thrash, black and death bands, and this fact made it easier for them to “vomit” ugly musical expressions with a different color.

These musicians do everything good northern bands do; i.e., they play their instruments as if they were taken out of their own stomachs, knowing every inch of those tools by heart. Swallowed do not waste time trying to impress people with conceited techniques or single highlights. Guitars are heavy and skin-tearing. Drums tell you the moment of the machete impacting on your shoulders. Bass encloses the air in a torture chamber. These people make you imagine the physical pain they go through every note as they want you to follow them in their seemingly endless black musical aisle.

Turn the speakers on, listen to the beginnings of Autopsy, stain it with some Impetuous Ritual dust, and paint the music slower and grimmer. Break it into three pieces of puke and you will get this EP. No song seems to be longer than it is or slower than it actually is. Sometimes death metal songs tend to be boring at mid-pace if not written correctly, crafted carefully or put together with genius and innovation. This not the case certainly. “Swallowed” is death metal at a heavier pace with little motion inside, and it does not fail at grabbing your neck to drown you in absolute darkness. And the best thing is that you love it since “Unsavorably” starts.

Once this short musical evisceration ends, you get the necessity to start it over and over. It is addictive, and since it is only an EP, it will make you urge to get the full length released in 2014. Not recommended for people who do not like ugly artistic expressions, and it is a must for extreme music listeners.