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Is this Nihilist? - 90%

Visionary, September 22nd, 2009

Holy shit, this sounds just like Nihilist, even down to the muffled production. The riffs are very thrashy for much of the release while other times chugging along with longer drawn out chords in typical Nihilist fashion. The vocals are very distorted growls that are almost completely swallowed by the guitars. The Nihilist cover is very good and stays pretty much to the original without Swallowed taking their own approach on it.

This demo sounds like Nihilist recorded it even sounding like it was recorded alongside the Nihilist demos. There really is no difference at all apart from the vocalist being more distorted. Even the songwriting is top notch with Wisdoms of Putrefying having some excellent energy and riffing to it that rivals even the best of the Nihilist songs. If you can find this I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed.