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Now they are going for an Autopsy sound - 79%

Visionary, September 22nd, 2009

This second demo sounds a little different from the first. First of all Swallowed is a little more on the doomy side of things than they were on the first, this time sounding closer to Autopsy’s debut. The production is a little murkier than Autopsy though and the riffs are often thrashier resembling more of their first demo where they sounded like Nihilist. Like Autopsy and Nihilist, Swallowed include the same sort of eerie guitar leads. The vocals are more in the vein of Autopsy with that choking style on this demo than Swallowed’s first demo. The demo even ends with a nice Autopsy cover, though doesn’t quite reach the quality of the original.

This is a nice demo and definitely worth picking up. I wouldn’t say the songwriting is quite up to the standard of Autopsy though and overall I much prefer their first demo. I am highly looking forward to these guys putting out a full length.

For Autopsy maniacs pure! - 80%

Werewolf, March 21st, 2009

Swallowed is a new Death Metal band, featuring 2 young guys from Finland, Ville and Samu. This is their 2nd demo, but as far as I know – there only a few copies of the 1st demo exist, so “Epitaph…” is Swallowed’s first introduction to the public. These guys are very inspired by Autopsy, which I personally never liked, but I wouldn’t write this review if I didn’t like this demo. There are 3 original tracks and an Autopsy “In the Grip of Winter“ cover featured here and this demo is really cool for what it is. While other guys who study with Ville and Samu at the same shool probably listen to Slipknot and shit like that, these 2 guys create decent Death Metal, which has its ugliness that fits it so well. Most of the time the music is played in slow to mid temp, with very heavy sounding guitar riffs, pretty basic drums and bass and a very desperate and ugly (in the good way, hehe) sounding growls. Personally I prefer faster and thrashier death metal, but I still enjoy listening to it from time to time, when I have the right mood. Those who like Autopsy will surely like it much more, and even Chris from Autopsy gave it a very positive feedback. This demo is limited to 150 and is probably sold out the moment you read it, but it’s worth hunting for those who like slow and doomy Death Metal for sure!