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New moon... different pastures? - 83%

Atheimetal, April 20th, 2010

The best way of describing this album I have read (and I think it's in one of these reviews somewhere) is that it is 'less sinister'.. it's hard to explain. If the metaphorical hearse has been speeding up starting with the lumbering giant that was "Ghosts of Loss" it certainly has reached top speed on this album. The pace has certainly picked up and it carries on more in the vein of "Plague of Butterflies" than "Hope" or anything before it. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just different. It's certainly not brooding like previous works, but just about every song can hold its own fairly well. There are no stand out tracks to batter you relentlessly with doom and death like "Doomed to Walk the Earth," and the songs don't quite have the epicly mournful feel of a song like "The Giant," but they are all at least decent.

It seems they are moving more towards an artistic dark feel at this point. There is more melodic with less death and less doom. They never really have done the same thing from CD to CD so this seems like a fairly logical progression from Hope, which the primary difference again being that New Moon is more lacking on the thick doom. For a new fan or a fan venturing over from a different genre other than doom this may likely be the most accessible CD in their discography to date. If you are looking for some more brooding, depressing doom I would say start on another title. As a long time fan this is definitely not a disappointing release or route for them to go, but I would be concerned if they ventured much further down this road on upcoming releases. Solid, but not their best.