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A tr00 dark masterpiece! - 72%

GraveWish, January 27th, 2007

After being disappointed by Swallow the Sun's "Ghosts of Loss" album i thought it will be better to carefully check the new album "Hope" before it's officially released.

Disappointement turned to admiration. Swallow the Sun changed for good, this is perfection in it's entirety, although the songs seem a bit monotonous, nothing really new but things are done so well in a unique style, each song attract you in a different way, hold you like no other.

The lyrics as usual: poetic, sorrowful and depressive (not for people in a good mental state) haven't noticed any changes, accomplish just what they set out to do and fit very well with the music.

The music itself being amongst the saddest you might ever imagine, it can be described as melancholic, very dark and emotional creating a depressive atmosphere, a typical doomy one.
Mikko Kotamäki vocals are simple, typical death metal but suit the music well, some rare changes in vocal styles mixing death with clean vocals. The keyboards parts sound convincing adding extra effects, not too upfront or too loud, mixed with melodic, heavy, distorted guitars, loud bass and raw drums catching attention quite often taking you to another level, another world of darkness and loss.

The most magnificent track is "Don't Fall Asleep (Horror Pt. 2)" a perfect example of the darkness of the album, dominated by slow, depressive clean vocals really inspire melancholy, while harsh vocals turns the atmosphere to a real horror and obscure one. This song is highly recommended for all doomsters and dark music lovers.

Overall, an excellent album, a must for Doom/Death Metal lovers, this is a huge accomplishment the darkest work of the band ever.
Highlights: Hope, Don't Fall Asleep (Horror Pt. 2), Too Cold For Tears, Doomed to Walk the Earth, mainly all the album!