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A watered down Emerald Forest - 65%

ArcaneForest, March 4th, 2012

Swallow the Sun has consistently put out great albums and eps since 2003. After New Moon, it has been three years since Emerald Forest and the Blackbird, and what a letdown it is. Is this a "concept" album? Or an attempt at one combining various songs without direction thrown together? I believe the latter.

The title track is a roughly 10 minute watered down song that sounds like it was left on the floor from the New Moon sessions hat wasn't good enough to make it there. It is in typical Swallow the Sun style, i.e. deep growls combined with melody and heavy parts, to soft/clean vocals, bridging of verses and choruses, repeat. This style has worked well for them and they were among the best at it...until this album. The rest of the album follows much of the same pattern and becomes very predictable and just downright boring in all honesty.

This album also includes a fourth sequel or continuation of songs known as "Horror". The first being Swallow (Horror pt. 1) from the album The Morning Never Came. The song on this album is titled Labyrinth of London (Horror pt. 4). The lyrics are straight from a Jack the Ripper story. Bland, nothing new, and the music coincides with the same dullness. It is a disappointment that this song be included with the three great previous ones. It does not belong or do justice to the emotions and the continuation. Swallow the Sun should have stopped with Lights On the Lake (Horror pt. 3) from the New Moon album.

Of course, this album is released on limited edition vinyl, as is becoming the trend. A white edition and green edition, both of which so far only available to order from Finland. Don't waste your money on the vinyl, let alone the cd version. Maybe in another 3 years they will put out a decent album.