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Unrelentless, Primal Black Metal - 88%

JC Legion, September 2nd, 2016
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, NoiseArt Records

Svarttjern are one of those bands that you instantly get hooked on from the opening riff and can't stop listening until the album closes. The band's instrumentation sticks to the classic style established by the second wave of black metal, with an abundance of melodic hooks. They seamlessly change riffs from blistering fast tremolo picked guitar work layered with blast beats to heavy hitting "groove" sections that you can't help but bang your head too.

The vocalist of the band is ferocious, with his gritty screams and catchy lyrical patterns. Tracks like From Caves to Dust and the title track, Ultimatum Necrophilia, capture the essence of his voice during hard hitting sections of brutality and catchy melodies. These are definitely standout tracks on the album, as they display the band as a staple in modern black metal.

Shallow Preacher and Where There is Lust are two other hard hitters to watch out for, although there isn't a filler track on the album. They took the style established by the genre forefathers and created a perfect foundation to build this album upon. If you enjoy unrelentless, primal black metal, this is an album to pick up, immediately.