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Svartsyn - Timeless Reign - 95%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

Earlier I’ve reviewed Svartsyn’s split with Arckanum, which I absolutely loved; and this is no different.

The atmosphere surrounding this album is extremely cold, and the sound is full and thick, yet bleak and chilling. The riffing builds up an aura of what has been, but adds intricacy and a modern twist. With the guitar leads hovering on top of the bass, while the drums pound and the vocals roar, this is one majestic album. Now don’t get me wrong, some might mistake “majestic” for symphonic, and that’s surely not the case here. It’s stripped down black metal to its core, but with a dark and majestic atmosphere. The grim, haunting vocals spits out contempt and terror in the form of spiteful and satanic lyrics. The main tempo is really fast-forward, but there’s plenty of room for slow and more churning parts. But no matter the tempo, the guitars ooze of malevolence, and the sound is just really magnificent.

The musicianship and song-writing show a real maturing in Svartsyn’s sound, and at the same time as this is stripped down it has a load of complexity and diversity. They have managed to do what so many other band’s fail at; giving the hateful and simplistic old school a re-vamped sound with a modern agenda, but without stepping away from its core.

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