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A great Black/Thrash combination - 84%

Visionary, March 23rd, 2006

Svartsyn has never gained much of a following due to numerous problems with labels and lineup changes. …His Majesty remains to be their best full length to date. They manage successfully to take the rawness of early 90s Scandinavian black metal and combine it with rather technical guitars and pummeling blast beats to give the heavy thrash edge.

The True Legend was the bands debut album which had some excellent songwriting but the production was utterly horrible ruining the whole listening experience. Fortunately the band managed to keep a relatively high quality of songwriting and fix the production issues with …His Majesty. The atmosphere that can be found here is one that is fairly cold and hate-filled and often chaotic which is very common for black metal except that due to the thrashier nature you also get a good head-banging experience.

The drums pummel the listener with endless double bass and goddamn can this drummer play. Though not really similar I am reminded of Kreator’s masterpiece, Pleasure to Kill. The drummer is particulary noticeable in Nekromantic Flesh where he bangs the shit out of the drums and even has the odd solo. Good stuff. Plenty of good guitar riffs can be found here though not as aggressive on the debut. The riffs usually repeat 5 or 6 times before they are changed which is good as it is not overly repetitive. Occasionally the riffs verge into chaotic territory while never losing focus enhancing the atmosphere. There are numerous thrash breaks throughout which are done very well. The vocals are fairly typical ice cold shrieks that echo through the sound but unlike the debut they do not drown everything else out. The vocals sound like they were recorded by a cheep recorder and sound slightly to abrasive than I would have liked but does not inhibit too much.

The only real weakness with this album besides the vocals which I already mentioned is that the length is only 31 minutes. This barely warrants a full length over an EP. There is no filler at all here so I am hardly complaining.

So overall a very competent black/thrash release, and is the best album to date. A bit of a shame that the band lost much of the aggression with Destruction of Man but fortunately it returned for the split with Arckanum.

Standout tracks include, Tunnels of his Majesty and, Nekromantic Flesh