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Skønne møer! - 95%

Malentor, August 14th, 2007

I've been crying out for a worthwhile viking metal act from Denmark for some time. It couldn't be right that the most aggressive nation of the viking age didn't have a metal act good enough to represent it in this day and age.

Then Svartsot emerged from the ashes of a previous black/folk metal act and gave Denmark a viking metal band to be proud of.

The demo "Tvende Ravne" features some slightly more melodic tracks than the previous demo, and the flute plays a vital role in all three songs punctuating the folk sound laid out by the awesomely catchy guitar riffs.
I previously somewhat disliked Claus' growls, but lately I've grown accustomed to his style, and feel that they provide a strong kick in the rear, boosting the overall sound towards a uniqueness of its own.
The best track is without a doubt "Skønne Møer", which translated from Danish to English means "Lovely Maidens", the melody is extremely catchy, and the lyrics humorous, it's so good in fact that I find myself humming it often.

Personally, I'm looking very much forward to their album, which is being produced by Invocator's Jacob Hansen.